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The Great Toy Soldier Survey with Giveaways!

0 7 years ago
The Great Toy Soldier Survey

Here at TSU-HQ, we’re trying to find out more about you, the wonderful people who make up The Army of Toy Soldiers. And although a few of our less stable scientists are working on brain scanning apps, none have been succesful as of yet, so we have to rely on good old fashioned surveys to find out what you guys like.

We’ve compiled this survey so that you can tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’d like to see in the future. There are a few ideas that have been thrown around the HQ, a few projects, a few hamsters, more than a few bananas, and though we do lack the resources on occasion, we’d like to pursue those projects. Not the bananas, they’re not mobile so no pursuit required.

But we wouldn’t ask for something and not give something in return, so I’ve personally wandered down to The Armory, dodging a few flailing robots, and assembled 6 care packages of goodies. Patches, pins, t-shirts, etc. While I was down there, I was overjoyed to discover that our infiltrators at a certain toy manufacturing company had acquired and sent to us a very special item.

After the survey has run it’s course on the 30th of June, 6 entries will be randomly selected to receive these care packages, and one lucky entry will receive the highly coveted, over powered, NERF Mastodon, capable of rapidly firing off 24 mega darts. It is a beast of toy, and guaranteed to make your opponents quake in fear.

Now I’m sure you’re eager to get going on this survey, so have at it! CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THE SURVEY!

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