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‘Tis but a refactor – Mad Monkey Maintenance inc.

1 7 years ago

Small update this time.
Because not much has been changed since the last one.

The website is still up to date, improvements for speed have been made (we should now be on par with last yer, before we switched servers).
And I am still going through the error logs in order to get as many bugs out of the system as possible.

That being said, you all will have seen read the news by now.
I am officially an admin!
Which means that I can finally enjoy all the perks that come with this status!
The perks that I got… Like… Ages ago… When I started doing small maintenance for the site…
But hey… Official title! Whoo!
Step into my office and enjoy some celebratory cookies!

As for TSU related projects:

I’ve been behind on reworking the Divisions page because of the Mammoth!
The last few weeks were filled with blaming PayPal for their shitty API and then celebrating the fact that I finally managed to get the donation system up and running before the event at the end of this month!
Not a small task if you go and check out their documentation…

So yeah… Coding and stuff…
I’ll try to get a bigger update in 2 weeks, but I won’t be able to make any promisses until after the Mammoth!


  1. Lt. Sophie

    Congrats, again, and all over. You’ve done a lot and very well, and your work on the Mammoth site is invaluable. :)
    Once the Mammoth is over, I’ll see about sending you some celebratory cookies.

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