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Can I just go and take a nap now? – Mad Monkey Maintenance inc.

1 8 years ago

I’ve been working on a lot of stuff.
Biggest problem with that is that I suck at self-management and that I’m working on multiple projects at the same time.
Resulting in me losing myself in side-projects and lots of distractions.

It’s like I’m playing this awesome adventure game *cough*Skyrim*cough* and never finishing the main story line because there are all these awesome side quests to do.
And never finishing those side quests because that one bloody butterfly won’t let itself get caught!

This does lead to me slacking off and missing personal deadlines.
Because yes… I’ve missed a few Friday updates and am posting this on a Saturday.

But I can’t help it… You know… With me being social and all that…
It’s not like I’m letting stuff fall apart or anything!
I mean… The site is still being updated.
Security checks are still being done.
Attacks seem to have been halted.
And we’re still throwing stones and breaking sticks in order to get the best possible results with everything we do!

That being mentioned, I missed a few Friday Updates due to TSU related activities!
You know… Theme parks don’t invade themselves!
Meat doesn’t cook/eat itself!
Soldiers don’t just ENJOY themselves!

Oh wait… Yes they do :)

For what it’s worth, I’m just happy that it has been an IT friendly month.
Only a few queries related to network of computer issues.
And of course the usual 40 hour work week that provides me with a lot of challenges on a daily basis.
Like pushing away recruiters and poking co-workers in order to play a match of foosball.
You know… The important stuff that you should be doing while working!

Now… If you will excuse me…
I need to go look for a second cat and prepare for a BBQ in the evening.
Someone has to make sure that Gonzo doesn’t electrocute the rest of the #512 :)

Small update again:

Website and all the templates are up to date and easier for me to maintain now :D
The amount of attacks has been reduced to ZERO \o/
Life is still full of surprises

And yes, you are awesome ;)


  1. Captain Dermut

    No napping.


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