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TSU Gaming Marathon Raises $2100 for Enable!

0 8 years ago
Gaming Marathon Success

Between the 1st and 3rd of April, Toy Soldiers across the world gathered together in the digital realm.

Their mission? Stream and game for as long or as often as possible between Friday and Sunday, and raise $2000 for the Enable Community Foundation.

It was a SMASHING success. With Lt. Sophie, Engineer Airhead and SilentAddle leading by example, there were over a dozen people streaming at various times on the weekend, across a variety of games. Minecraft, Elite Dangerous, Don’t Starve Together, Banished, Mario Kart, board games, the list just goes on.

And we did it all for benefit of the Enable Community Foundation, an organisation and network of 3D printers around the globe, who make 3D printed prosthetic hands for disabled children, for free! We felt that any group that goes to such efforts to bring a little happiness to the world using their creative talents deserves a helping hand from the Army of Toy Soldiers.

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who donated, to all the streamers, all the gamers, and everyone who helped behind the scenes, for making such an awesome event happen. And do not fret.

The Gaming Mammoth WILL return!

Now, check out this explosive ending to the Minecraft Server!

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