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On the Eleventh day of Toymas – Sari Alwinn

0 9 years ago


Tonight is the eve of Toymas Eve, the bunker sparse of twinkling lights, or holiday cheer, the smells of peppermint and hot cocoa are nowhere to be found. For it is the night before, not a toy soldier is stirring, not even a nurse, an engineer or a scout. A holiday slumber or so we are told. Yet the blinking light of a studio room, with its red orange glow, the word on blared in the darkened hall. There sat a toy solider, half asleep yet working.

Greetings Bunker Dwellers to another episode of Welcome to the Bunker.

Today is eve of  Toymas Eve!
Many hamsters are stirring, as are mice, robots, drop bears, a few toy soldiers,
and I think a duck?
In any case, do you have a plate of mind control cookies ready?

A glass of non-radiated milk?
Have no Holiday joy?
Fear not! Toylant is here, in Peppermint.
Mmm Peppermint.

PSIOPS is busy with some new carols and old.
A remix is brewing, or so I am told.

Not much to report, there isn’t much news.
Beware the mistletoe, on your route.

There are snowpeople surrounding the bunker,
many shapes and sizes, depicting something we can’t say on air.

The card exchange has ended, thanks to all that joined in.
Thanks for the lovely well wishes,
I hope you have a happy holiday too.

Do you have a secret Santa?
Don’t worry, it wouldn’t only be coal!

And now

Holiday Sounds


The pitter patter of hamster paws on the studio’s wooden floors did not distract a sleeping soldier in their chair. A long week of recording and planning brought this certain captain to nap on the job. Several squeaks erupted under the chair, the soldier still in slumber only turned for comfort sake. More pitter pattering and an eerie screeching sound from the other side of the studio door. Came more hamsters and a robot in holiday decor. Several excited squeaks, a few bleeps and one blorp. A boom box went missing along with some mixtapes, okay only four. The door slammed shut, the soldier woke up.

Only to see, a refilled tea cup.


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