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On the Fourth day of Toymas – Apothecary Chrysalice

0 8 years ago

Drop Bears

Deep within the Bunker there were happenings all around. One particular happening happened to happen within The Apothecary’s room.

Fidget the violet eyed drop bear was leading the others of his brood through the corridors in search of something to eat, be it jam or… something of a more carnal nature. He growled at the sight of a hot dog on the ground and kicked it into an upturned bin.

A squeak peaked his interest. Looking for the source he found a cornered hamster with a paper crown. Fidget was quickly upon the smaller creature and let out a noise of his own to signify to his pack who arrived shortly. Although there was little love between hamster and drop bear they had formed a truce during the invasion of the things named tribbles.

The hamster squeaked incessantly, asking for assistance in a plan. For soon it would be Toymas and none of the soldiers were prepared. Thus the bots, hamsters and even that talkative duck had taken it upon themselves to organise a surprise for the humans.

Fidget thought of his human. Normally she would overjoyed by the thought of holidays but right now she was worrying about other things. Twitch nudged her mate Fidget in agreement that something ought to be done.

Soon a plan to help the Hamster’s cause was formed.

A little while later the door to the Apothecary’s room opened and the bears led Robot #5911 with his wheelbarrow into the kitchen unit. It didn’t take long for them to find what they needed. A bandana clad Tweak fetched the key from the hook, with the aid of the cub Brum upon his head.

With the key in claw they unlocked the cupboard containing their prizes. Carefully they loaded plenty of the bottles and jars filled with brightly coloured or fizzing concoctions into the bot’s wheelbarrow, before making their escape.


Oblivious to such happenings, the formerly mentioned Apothecary was nestled in her armchair, watching one of her all time favourite holiday films involving puppets and a man named Scrooge. Well actually the film was just on in the background as she occupied the rest of her attention with making notes on her latest concoctions; Three of which should be safely sealed in the cupboard along with the rest of the ‘Unstables’. Drinks proven by tests to be too dangerous to use for recreation.

With all of her focus taken away she had no idea of what had just happened.  

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