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The 6th Annual Doo Dah Parade Invasion!

2 8 years ago

This report just in from: The Sky Marshal

We few, we happy few, we band of Toy Soldiers! TSU invaded the


Pasadena Doo Dah parade for the sixth time this past Nov. 22nd! (For those unfamiliar with the parade: it is considered the “twisted sister” of the famous Rose Bowl parade, an irreverent celebration of crazy, eccentric fun, including entries like drivable cupcakes, the Flying Baby Nap-time Aerialists (who launched baby dolls from a bassinet catapult), and a pink Cadillac converted into a drivable hot tub. We are considered veteran crowd favorites, and memorabilia and photos of our group appeared in a museum exhibit of the parade last year!)

Though there were only four of this year, we made the most of it: a number of media were there interviewing and taking photos of us, and we were mentioned in the Los Angeles Times and the Pasadena Independent! We had a lot of fun, and literally passed out boxloads of propaganda (an estimated 1,000-1,200 pieces) to eager parade-goers! Attendees were: techie5ive, who leads the SoCal 1123rd “Fibonacci” Division as well as Division 101, the LA Faults, Nurse Chizel, bravely wearing an all-black zentai suit in this hot event and looking after the Buzzsaw Baby, Sgt. Smiles, our resident Doc clone, and of course The Sky Marshal, who has organized and led this event from day one, representing the 2007th Bakersfield “Ft. Nelson” division this year.

Thank you for the report Jonny, Sky Marshall, YJ! And Thank you ALL for your efforts, TechiefIve, Nurse Chizel and Sgt. Smiles! Great work!! :D


  1. Adamire Voss
  2. Lt. Sophie

    Very nice indeed! Great report and pictures, keep the good work up, guys!

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