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A Mallardy in Romance

0 9 years ago

“Quackington! Where are you? Mister I’s getting the ship ready, we gotta go!” The Captain’s voice echoed down the hall, getting louder with every step.

“I…I guess I have to leave, too.” Quackington stuttered as he stared into her dark, beady eyes one last time.

She stared back and gave a half smile. “I promise I’ll write to you, Q. As soon as I learn how to write.”


*pat pat pat*

Quackington’s feet smacked against the floor as he traversed the Bunker hallways.

“Adventure this, adventure that… Why can’t Cappy just sit in the lounge with me and have some quackers for once?”

He saw a small hole in the wall up ahead and slowed his pace. Seeing as how curiosity never did anything bad to a duck (and in fact made him some good friends in the past), Quackington hopped up into the cavity and ventured into the wall.

Walking further and further, Quackington found the walls becoming less and less finished. Until finally he was surrounded by the Bunker’s rocky foundation and what appeared to be an intricate system of tunnels in the earth.

“Could this be the work of the hamsters? They never mentioned anything like this…” Quackington started to wonder aloud.


Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and a large object clatter to the floor.

“What do you think you’re doing in my house?”

Fuming, Quackington turned around, but stopped short of raising his voice. Before him stood the most beautiful squirrel he’d ever laid his extremely life-like eyes on, a tiny emerald bow perched between her ears. He could feel feathers ruffling, but as if the feathers were in his stomach and setting his whole body aflutter.

“Well…” his beak quivered as he tried to muster up some charm “I didn’t think I was on an adventure, but I seem to have found buried treasure.”

The squirrel’s eyes widened. She turned away, trying not to blush. “Yeah…well, you’re still in my house… Sorry I threw that acorn at you, by the way” she said, smiling sweetly.

“Why don’t you come with and get some fresh air? Cappy’s always dragging me out on adventures, we can see the world or whatever!”

“That sounds awfully nice, but I’ve made arrangements to go scouting up in a hot air balloon in a couple days. They already went and bought a hundred pounds of acorns and everything.”

Both could feel tears starting to well up, but neither wanted to crack first.

“Be on the lookout for the ship..maybe you’ll be able to see me waving from the duck’s nest.” Quackington said quietly while glancing down ​​at his own feet shifting around.

“Where could he be?! Quackington!!!”

This story first appeared on Gonzo Enterprises

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