Whilst going through the frequencies on the radio I came across a channel transmitting in Russian. Below is an excerpt of what I picked up and got through the translation device.


The transmission ended abruptly, returned to static noise for 20 seconds or so, until I heard another voice calling:

Please confirm location! The uplanders will need the recipe before it is too late! -повторение- Please confirm location! Scout Division 0960 respond! …

The radio went static again. On my terminal I searched for information about missions in Russia, and I quickly found the 0960 squad that last reported in 5 months ago.  They are on a mission to distribute the U.C.C. [Uranium Chip Cookies] in Russia and Siberia, and apparently something to do with secret bunkers and the Tunguska event from 1908… The rest of the document was encrypted.

The radio sprung to life again:

штаб! We are safe! -повторение- We are safe! Escaped from the attacking forces with minor injuries. Retreating to camp and wait for first light to continue our mission. Команда 0960 из!

Static again, I could barely understand these messages. What attacking forces were they dealing with, could it be a threat to other Toy Scout squads investigating other points of interest?

Команда  0960 иметь в виду, Glowfish activity is being reported in your area. Stay safe. Contact on next frequency at двенадцать тридцать.
Штаб-квартира отключение

I wonder what these Glowfish could be. It seems that any connection on this frequency was cut, I have heard no more transmissions in the hours following.

This story first appeared on Gonzo Enterprises