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Yellow Hamster

0 9 years ago
Yellow Hamster

“Watching Captain wittle away on his ‘just in case’ peg leg sure gets boring sometimes; I’m not even sure what functionality that kraken decal has, anyway.” Quackington thought to himself.

With that, he hopped down and started to waddle away from C. Worthy’s home away from home; that is, sitting fully clothed in the bunker’s bath tub.

As Quackington started to roam the bunker’s hallways, he noticed something peculiar. One of the vents running along the bottom of the wall had its cover detached and laying on the floor. Intrigued, the duck stepped closer to the open vent and gave his wings a tiny flap to shake off some dust that had fallen and accumulated among his feathers. As Quackington peered into the void, he couldn’t help but be reminded of moments like this in movies, right before nothing bad ever happens.

“Those silent films are always so cheesy, what do they know?” He announced into the void.

Quackington could hear a faint squeaking that got louder the further he ventured through the vents. Eventually he turned a corner into an open room. The lucky duck couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked around at a room filled with about half a dozen hamsters scurrying around and munching on snacks.

Suddenly, two of the hamsters rushed over to him. “Woah,” one gasped to the other, “I’ve never seen a yellow hamster before!”

Quackington interjected, “Excuse you! I am NOT a hamster!”

“Hear that, he understands our language. Must be a hamster.” the critter replied.

“Look,” said the duck/yellow hamster, starting to get a bit upset, “I am not some hairball rodent.

My name’s Quackington and I’m the proud first mate of the Quee­…”. He stopped his rant once he noticed one of the hamsters had taken off and then returned with a single chocolate chip as a peace offering, feelings quite hurt.

As Quackington stared at the hamster frowning in a way previously not thought scientifically possible, he wondered if maybe his opinions on hamsterkind were a bit harsh and outdated.

“Ya know,” his beak flapped as he accepted the food, “I think I could get used to this.”

This story first appeared on Gonzo Enterprises

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