Dr Malice's Apothecary

Toy Soldiers once more amaze us with their passions and talents, and the latest to join the fine tradition of making music for the Army of Toy Soldiers is none other than Dr. Malice!

After a brief comment thread and some discussion with other Toy Soldiers, Dr. Malice (Supposedly also known as Larry Malys) and Toy Soldier DJ Sandman came up with this brilliant parody of Pharrel Williams ‘Happy’, made famous by the movie Despicable Me 2.

So without further adieu, enjoy this brilliant track made purely for your auditorial satisfaction.

Click here to download ‘Join TSU by Dr. Malice’

And you can find the variations here:
Join TSU (Happy Parody)
PSA Intro

And as an added bonus, Dr. Malice produced some instrumental music for Toy Soldiers to freely use in whatever media they wish, so long as credit is given.

Click here to download ‘March Forth by Dr. Malice’

Be sure to check his Soundcloud and the fantastic music he’s creating.