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The Mechanical Debacle [Part 1]

1 9 years ago

I was roaming the bunker in deep thought, brainstorming for the upcoming Dutch Comic Con when I heard some odd noises. It sounded like hamsters in distress but at the same time it sounded like clunking of metal on concrete. “Ugh, I really can’t be distracted from this project again…” I thought.

Of course my curiosity always wins in the end, and I started to trace the sound.

The sound seemed roughly the same volume even after I turned a few corners. “This is odd,” I thought, “there are many ambient sounds in the bunker, I could be mistaken.”

I turned around and started walking back to my workplace when I heard the noises grow dimmer, but suddenly speed up and become louder again. I looked around and still saw nothing, then I suddenly heard some squeaking sounds, they came from below, near my feet.

I looked down and I saw a tiny little hamster sitting at my feet but there was something weird with this little one, its hind-legs had been replaced by robotic parts, and not even really leg like parts… I picked up the hamster, it did not protest. After a short inspection I could determine that the hind legs of the hamster were replaced with cybernetics, from random kinds of machinery. The hamster had used it’s front legs to steer, because the hind legs only have 3 settings: Walk, run and recharge from the hamster dragging them across the floor. This looked like the work of a madman…

I decided to take the hamster to my workshop and examine it some more…

To be continued…


  1. Sgt. Voltor

    YAY! You found my hamster! :D

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