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Welcome to the Digital Bunker

1 9 years ago
Welcome To The Digital Bunker

Welcome to the Digital Bunker.
How you found your way here isn’t important, but be warned it’s easy to get lost.
You probably entered through a corridor somewhere on the upper levels, only to find the hatch behind you has closed. Don’t worry. As one blast door closes another one opens.

digital bunker corridor 1 by sgt. grinnerWhile walking down that corridor you may have noticed the old pipes and cables running along the ceilings and walls. They look decades old but rest assured they probably won’t explode any time soon.
There are many corridors you may have come across, with countless rooms and halls, chambers and tunnels, alcoves and storage rooms. They’re all numbered in some undecipherable pattern. In fact there’s little to no pattern to how this place is organized.

If you have any luck you’ll have reached the central shaft of the bunker without being waylaid by 7 foot tall robots with beady red eyes in sunken sockets and a mouth grill like a giant grin. Should you encounter them be safe in the knowledge that they rarely if ever malfunction on more than a daily basis.

The central shaft is spacious enough to fit a large airship or two, and though you may notice about a half a kilometer below it is sealed by immense blast doors, you get the impression that the depths it reaches have never been truly explored.The shaft is lined with walkways, hatches, blast doors and again, the endless entanglement of cables and pipes. Hundreds of levels, with thousands of people and robots milling around going about their tasks. Staring down is likely to give you a case of vertigo if you’re unused to it.

Thankfully looking up you’ll see an upside down dome of steel and glass, with dirty yellow panoramic windows allowing a view of down below, blinking rays of light escape through them, and you’d see shadows of people and most likely robots as well. The sound of orders being shouted and reports being received find their way to you ears, but your eyes discover a touch screen terminal on a nearby wall.

digital bunker corridor #3 by sgt. grinner
Displayed is a map, a cutaway of what might be a city or a hive. A tiny red dot with ‘You might be here’ pales in comparison with the scale of the bunker. Most areas around the shaft are in bright yellow, but after a few miles the lines become dull, or are blank having been labelled unexplored. Manhattan could easily fit into this place
The true scale of the bunker remains a mystery, but the text at the top of the screen proclaims the identity of the inhabitants.

“Welcome to the Digital Bunker, home to the Army of Toy Soldiers”


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