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What IS The Army of Toy Soldiers anyways?

1 9 years ago
Toy Soldiers Unite Banner

Toy Soldiers Unite logoIn the years that the Army of Toy Soldiers and have been around, it’s been called a variety of things.

When started in 2006, it was a fan club for Dr. Steel doubling up as his street team to help promote his music and spread his ideas around the globe. In some aspects they’ve been extremely successful with that. The gimmick of being a mad scientist’s own personal army hell bent on world domination brought much interest to Dr. Steel but more so, it created an online community that continues to live on beyond the now retired musicians career.

While the retirement of the Army’s figurehead and his subsequent wish to no longer be promoted dealt a blow to the overall numbers registered online, Toy Soldiers continue to follow the wise words that inspired them to join in the first place and remain part of the community they helped build. The goal as ever remains the same. “Have fun, be creative, embrace your passion, and make the world a better place.”

The Army calls it’s home, it’s Digital Bunker, and there is a whole story behind that one. It may come across as fiction, but what with the creative talents around the world in the form of computer games, artwork, video’s, music, and more being manifested from the thoughts of creative individuals, fiction has a habit of becoming reality.

San Diego Comic Con 2013During this entire time, those that have joined have decided their own level of involvement, from logging on once a year, the occasional propaganda leaflet dropped into someones hands, to spending nearly every waking moment online, talking, planning, plotting, and generally taking part in shenanigans. Toy Soldier uniforms are almost akin to cosplay, and though there are official reference and inspirational designs, no single uniform created is the same as another.

But what does the Army actually DO?

Glad you asked that question, Timmy. The Army of Toy Soldiers takes it upon itself to lead by example, by having fun. This can either be an ‘invasion’ of an event, often comic or game conventions, night clubs, museums, pubs, or theme parks, or a simple project that someone loves dearly, building a robot, tinkering on machines, creating works of art, etc. Another vital role Toy Soldiers perform, is to demonstrate the effectiveness of modern marketing and public relations. They do this with their own Propaganda. Leaflets, posters, cards, video’s, music, all encouraging people to join the Army of Toy Soldiers, and to embrace their creative talents. By making it obvious that what they are handing out IS propaganda, people become aware of what propaganda is, and start to notice it all around them in their day to day life.

World domination remains the end goal, no matter how long it may take. And thus the image of an army serves extremely well, though rather than being an army of destruction, it is an army of CREATION, and though people may think it’s odd to have an army without ranks, it is the creative talents of soldiers themselves that fuel the fires of this community and to inspire everyone who is for the equality and unity of mankind to join matter race, religion, orientation, geographic location..anyone!



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