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Operation: Attack of the Waterratten at Dutch Comic Con

0 9 years ago

It all started on Friday morning when I had to pick up Doth’Rah from Schiphol Airport. After a short wait at the arrival gate Doth’Rah stepped through the door and had arrived in The Netherlands for the first time. I had been warned about the events that followed. We were standing in line for the ticket machine to get a train ticket to my hometown, drop off the international visitor’s bag and head to the venue to set up the table. All that was interrupted by the lights suddenly going off. Doth’Rah had warned the night before about some apparent curse he had when traveling, and as it turned out there was a massive power failure 20 minutes after he landed.
After a 4 hour wait we were finally lucky to get the first train to my hometown, turned out after this one it would’ve been another 2 hours.

TrainrideAfter dropping off the bagage and collecting the stuff we needed we went to the venue to prepare the table for Saturday and get our tickets. After we set up we went back to my place to fold and glue cookie boxes.

Mind Control CookiesDyingMuppet picked us up and drove to the venue where Engineer Airhead, Delina and Nurse Shar were already waiting for us. We made our way to the table and set up as quick as we could. We were located next to a Star Wars models and replica stand with a large ATAT model. As they attracted visitors a lot of people saw our stand too and many were interested in what we did. Engineer Airhead was great in answering everyone’s questions and we gave away many propaganda.

Dermut was a monster with handing out propaganda. Before we knew it, 80% of the manifesto’s were gone and while there were many flyers of others thrown on the ground, we only found 4 or 5 of ours.
People loved the cookies, and anyone who stayed longer to talk about what TSU is and of course some of the cute kids visiting with their parents we handed cookie boxes or just a cookie from the large stash we had.

The T.S.O.S.D. corner of the table attracted some people, I explained the water rocket and handed out some T.S.O.S.D. Sky Maps.

Dutch Comic Con table

Hekkers’ kiddo-mead was also quite successful he let a lot of people have a taste of this sweet beverage, and quite a few bottles were sold.

My painted NERF Rampage gun attracted quite a bit of attention too, a lot of people asked if it was for sale. What sorcery is this? I might have to ponder a nerf paint-shop…

After a successful first day we parted ways with Airhead’s gang to our own homes where most of us had the traditional Con-Saturday Toy Soldier Pizza feast. Well, it wasn’t as spectacular as the tower of pizza at MCM London invasions, but we’ll get there in the future!

On Sunday morning we had to make our way by train but all went quite quickly and we were soon back at the table where Airhead was already setting up. We still had to fold and glue the last 10 cookie boxes, which we did behind the booth. Sunday was a little less crowded but a lot of people came over to our table. A few other Con organisers had time to walk around and we were asked for a workshop at a steampunk con, or a booth at other small cons. Sounds good for the future!

Sunday morning shenanigans

I got interviewed, and Airhead got challended by and he won a game BETA key. Many people were recruited and a few of the other Toy Soldiers from the #512 showed up and bought some stuff for their uniforms.

We had a lot of fun at the first Dutch Comic Con, and hope that we can invade it again next year!

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