Toy Soldier(s) Of The Week 512 Waterratten

This weeks Toy Soldier Of The Week is not just one Toy Soldier, but an entire division!

The 512th Waterratten from the Netherlands have made one hell of an impact this past weekend at the Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht. Already new recruits have been popping up online, and more are expected.

The invasion was headed up by LED Master Gonzo, with help from Sokamin, Engineer Airhead, Delina, Hekkers, Dermut, DyingMuppet Nurse Shar and even imported Dothrah from the UK! A special merch pack was sent over to TS Gonzo which went down a treat with con-goers, and Gonzo rustled up cookies to be handed out.

The 512th division even got interviewed by ASN Gaming

As is becoming tradition for ANY invasion at a comic con of any type, saturday night was designated pizza night.

A full mission report will be available very shortly.

#512 Division, we the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!