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Greetings From The Playland Specials: Stock Report & Bunker Today

0 9 years ago

Three very special broadcasts from the Future.

Firstly the Stock Report from aboard the Manifest Destiny, the last outpost of the old guard, trying to cling to the old greed-ridden ways versus the glory of the Utopian Playland, presented to you by the sultry voiced John D.

Secondly is Bunker Today, news from within the Utopian Playland, spreading across the globe for the glory of humanity, infecting happiness and fun into the hearts and minds of all.
Todays Traffic Jam was DELUXE Feat​.​Youthstar – Daniel (Smokey Joe & The Kid Remix)

Thirdly a special broadcast from the Commander Gonzo aboard the Toy Soldier Spacestation, together with Space traffic from Gagarin by Public Service Broadcasting



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