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Merry Toymas from The Army of Toy Soldiers and TSU-HQ

1 9 years ago
Utopian Playland Dawn

Greetings Comrades!

The season is upon us.
The season of good will, charity, reminiscing, and more importantly, TOYS! So while you hang Toy Soldier faces on your tree and the scent of nuclear mind control cookies drift from your laboratory…. kitchen, I’d like to take a moment to have a chat.

It’s been an interesting year, with ups and downs, both for the world at large and the Army of Toy Soldiers. Personally I have felt the sting of a creativity block for several months, but I am overjoyed to see Toy Soldiers all around the globe continuously exercising their pineal glands and embracing their individual passions.

From parades amongst the crazy and insane, to invading the largest comic con in Europe.
From 48 hours of consistent gaming and charity funding, to magnificent works of art and music.
And so much more, you are truly amazing.

Let it be known, Toy Soldiers. you have performed truly stupendous tasks. You’re missions and invasions are without equal, and the individual projects you have worked upon are truly awe inspiring. I feel extremely honoured and grateful to know you all and count you as my friends.

So take this time to reflect upon your year passed, on what you have done, what you have received, and who you have met during our orbit around the sun.

And look forward! Plan your projects, scheme your missions, and prepare yourselves to take on the entire world, for we ARE the Army of Toy Soldiers.

We will play.

We will invade.

We will brainwash.


Merry Toymas and a Happy New Orbit to all.




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