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Engineering Report #2 – T.S. Gonzo

3 10 years ago
Gonzo's Radio

Report incoming from LED Master Gonzo

Engineering Report #2 – Researching the device.

Whatever I had done to the mysterious box by ripping it out of the hole it was stuck in, it was not working anymore. I had taken it to my workshop and opened it up. Some glowing pulsating parts were particularly interesting, some green, some red. After careful examination of the glowing tubes, this definitely seemed to be plutonium.

“Oh dear, I’ve radiated myself again…”

When I got back from putting on some protective gear, the plutonium tubes inside the device seemed to pulsate at an extremely random pattern. I went to inspect the device a little more. It seemed some of the plutonium power-cells had run out, and some were malfunctioning, nearly going into a meltdown. I had to get to the wires on the back and fix whatever severed cable was causing the problem!

Some wire measuring and deduction later,I was not close to an answer on  how to stop the meltdown and it was getting awfully hot in there. As hot as going to ComicCon in full armour suit, I’d imagine!

“It’s time for desperate measures!” I thought. I pulled out the only red glowing plutonium tube, and watched the pulsating tubes slowly fade down and synchronize again.

I heard a soft static noise coming from the box, and looked at the front. There were some dials, and a numerical display… I turned the big dial and heard more noise. Ah! An antenna is what I need!

I looked for the traditional antenna sign on old devices and attached a rod of copper to it.

Succes! There were faint noises of people talking. I turned the dial again: music, lovely!

I turned the dial some more and noticed one of the plutonium cells going out slowly, and the sounds faded with it…

I need to figure out how to reproduce this plutonium power cell to get this thing working again!

(Credits to Lucas Usagi & Captain Sari Alwinn)

Gonzo's Radio



  1. George Miller Hoctor

    Well, after sending the audio through Steve’s analyzation software, we seem to have found coordinates. I’m planning on taking the A.S. Orion out of retirement to investigate, if I can get it’s engines working again *Explosion is heard to the left of my camera and a Steve-Bot head rolls out and I rub my forehead* this will take a while. However I’m certain I know what these coordinates lead to after hearing this audio for myself. Transmission ending *I click off my camera*

    • Orbital Sciences Director Gonzo, YJ

      Now now, don’t overreact and sail off before having any specifics. We don’t want you to accidentally land on a comet, do we? I’ll keep working on the device and hopefully some meaningful audio can be received in the near future!

  2. Captain Dermut

    Right…… I think I heard a comet sing….. (I did! I did)…. And a few other things I thought I recognized….

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