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Operation: MotorCity ComicCon…A Success!

1 10 years ago
Motorcity Comic Con 2014 banner

Motorcity banner

Operation: MotorCity Comicon…A Success!
This event took place in Novi, Michigan the weekend of May 16th, 17th and 18th, 2014.
The convention held over 40,000 attendees and 4 of them were Toy Soldiers!

It started the preceding Thursday when Nurse Budgie and her brother Gabe flew in from Seattle to arrive at the hotel near by the Con. There arrival was met with a bit of a surprise as the room they were assigned to was preoccupied. o.o..I will let her tell that story…
Linden Atrocity and myself joined them at the same hotel the following Friday evening. They had already been to the Con that day and were quite tired but, they got up from a short nap to join us for dinner! We went to the hotel’s posh dinning room. We didn’t stay that long as we quickly discovered it was not our cup of tea. (actually if they served tea it was probably $20 a cup!) As we were going through the restaurant we saw Tommy Flanagan from the hit TV show Sons of Anarchy. We were a bit in aw to see such a star there at the same hotel.
Next we went to the Restaurant “The Tilted Kilt” and the ladies there definitely had tilted kilts and put the Hooters girls to shame! The food was delicious and the place was roaring with activity! We jokingly said “Wouldn’t it be funny if Tommy Flanagan came strolling in” …Then as we were wrapping up our walked Tommy Flanagan! We all busted laughing! And really what a suitable place for this Irish man to be. Gabe joked he was stalking us!
Later on that evening we went back to the hotel for some drinks and laughs. We had a great time telling stories and getting to know each other.
Saturday morning we headed to the ComicCon! We got there early and had some fun chatting with other awesome people waiting to get in. After a short wait we started walking around and checking out all the cool toys and famous celebrities there. Yes I got to see John Barrowman!:D Linden Atrocity got to meet his favorite Comic Book artist Ryan Ottley and get a signed poster from him. I slipped him some propaganda while we were there as he seemed interested in our organization ;)
After a little while there we spotted another soldier in the crowd. It was Commodore Wolf!! We joined him in strolling around the con and talking about toys and games and such. It was a great time getting to know him as well!
As we were walking around I tapped on Gabe’s shoulder and said..”hey look there is Tommy Flanagan!” He was just strolling around the con, stalking us hehe!;)
We left that afternoon very happy we got to attend this ComicCon and meet everyone! Budgie and her brother stayed for the next day’s events and got to see the panel with John Barrowman, which I hear was fantastic! She has now safely returned home in Seattle and is settling back in.
All in all the weekend was great! Although these times with my fellow Toy Soldiers never seem long enough! I do hope we can get together again soon!
To A Utopian Playland!!


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