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Digital Bunker Report #13

6 10 years ago
Digital Bunker Report Banner 13

The DBR receives the latest Graphic User Interface upgrade courtesy of our highly trained and tortured codemonkeys.

Digital Bunker Report #13


  1. Granny Grunt

    I have been giving the orphans of fun under my care One a Day Monkey Vitamins in preparation. They will soon all be strong and agile.

  2. George Miller Hoctor

    Steve: *Playing with the hamsters* Soooooooo fluffy!

  3. Sgt. Voltor

    Damn hamsters, now I need to order another crate of NERF darts for the armoury. :P

  4. TinkerTailorSoldierSpy

    There are? But I’m pretty sure I remeAAAAAGH!! Okay, okay there’s only two!

  5. Orbital Sciences Director Gonzo, YJ

    Hey! The glow helps me to read at night… More pills please, it’s fading already!

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