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Digital Bunker Report #11

6 10 years ago
Digital Bunker Report Banner #11

Artificial Intelligences, grenades, recycling, this report has it all. Well, all of the things mentioned. You want it ALL? You’ll have to go to wikipedia or something.

Digital Bunker Report #11


  1. Dr. Stone

    Who needs radioactive cookies? People are easily controlled without special methods.. :|

  2. George Miller Hoctor

    Yummmm, radioactive cookies bring a warm, atomic blast feeling to my heart and stomach

  3. Corporal Frost

    But..but…but where do I discard my extra shape charges? First I cant store them in the hamster cages, and now I cant throw them in my special KA-BOOM brownies? Whats a soldier to do?

  4. TinkerTailorSoldierSpy

    Mmmmm. Radioactive Cookies.

  5. TheAtomicSoul

    The cookies are not just made with love: Radioactive elements provide that warm, tingling feeling!

  6. The DoctorDoth'Rah

    I call dibs on first round of Grenade Golf!

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