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Digital Bunker Report #9

4 10 years ago
Digital Bunker Report #9 Banner

Sir. Madam. Your weekly Digital Bunker Report has arrived. Please find it ready for you at your terminal, accompanied by a fresh glass of milk, and various confectionary of a dubious nature.

Digital BUnker Report #9



  1. Sgt. Voltor
  2. Soldier Crooked Tooth

    Another great Digital Bunker report, keep up the work.

  3. George Miller Hoctor

    *Sitting in a training room, alone* Damn my curiosity, then again isn’t curiosity good, but of course curiosity killed the cat, but I’m no cat, I’m a mad inventor, but I have been a pony before and in a cartoon world so being a cat wouldn’t be unlikely, maybe I’m a cat dreaming about being a human and I’m probably having a cat nap, wait why is it even called a cat nap, dogs nap and it isn’t called a dog nap, I wonder if fish sleep, they would have to keep moving in the water, or maybe they kind of sleep walk, or sleep swim I suppose, what do you think Steve….I want my robot d**mit!!

  4. TinkerTailorSoldierSpy


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