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Toy Soldier Day: Disneyland Invasion 2014!

2 10 years ago
Disneyland Invasion 2014 Banner

Disney banner
Mission Report from: YJ Caecilia Kolibri

Our adventure started on February 28th, when everyone ventured off to the city of Orange, CA, and got tapas at Tu Tu Tango as usual. Tons of delicious noms were had, and some folks who were not able to come to the Disney trip met us there (i.e. Ophie and Cameron).

The morning of the Disney trip, we had our usual breakfast at Mimi’s cafe, where there, of course, was plenty of alcohol, from whiskey gingers to mimosas. More folks who were unable to attend the main Disney invasion were there (i.e. JJ Obscene and his girlfriend Kimberly Clark). We had a nice time there, and the waitress took our picture.

When we finally drove to the park, it was raining. We knew it was a bad weather forecast before we went, but rain or shine, we were determined to have some fun! Because of the weather, which kept switching between rain and dry spells, the park was nearly empty! YJ Watts, Drone, and I (YJ Cae), went on Space Mountain first. Afterwards, we joined up again with B34R, TechiefIve, and Nurse Chizel, who were visiting Cars world in Disney California Adventures. We were able to go on absolutely everything there, and the weather was not even a problem. Usually, we stay till closing every year, but since we were able to go on everything, we actually called it a night early and were very satisfied with our day.

One thing that was agreed upon by all those in attendance was that this was the absolute smoothest Disneyland invasion we had ever had. There was no drama, we were able to go on anything as much as we wanted, we saw robots, no one had to really worry so much about cash, and we had an absolutely great group of people. It was really easy to keep everyone together. We didn’t have to worry about a giant group of 20+ people going every which way because it was just Techie, Chizel, Drone, YJ Watts, B34R, and myself (YJCae).

This was the best weekend ever. I was so sad to leave my toy soldier friends when it was all finished, but I am glad to know that this will happen every year.


  1. The Sky Marshal, YJ

    Good job, soldiers!

    There were like three times as many as went though, that wanted to but couldn’t. Next year we have to make it BIG.

  2. Sgt. Voltor

    If I lived closer to Disneyland, I’d have been there!

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