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Digital Bunker Report #5

Digital Bunker Report #5 Banner
  1. After careful and extensive debugging, I believe I have finally located the problem with robot #2323. Apparently the cause seems to be a small nifty computer virus so far of unknown origin, but I’m currently writing some patch code to fix the problem and stop it from recurring again. We will have to broadcast the patch to all other robots as well, to prevent further infections.
    This message was brought to you by the Engineering Department of The Digital Bunker.

  2. Aw turnip, it turns out my NERF Rampage got triopsed by #2323

  3. 50 bucks on Robot #2398!

  4. Ahh good old #2323, I remember he used to run around my lab when I chased him with my…. I mean…. carry on, his behaviour is totally normal and not the result of experiments!

  5. Way to go Vixy! Would have loved to see that xD

    Also, I’ll put my bets on #9220

    As for #2323… I’m not even getting near that one…
    Last time I tried to do a maintenance check, he ate all the cables I had with me!
    Took me a while to find a new cable for #8305’s nerve endings…
    The little bugger had some trouble feeling the actual weight on it’s shoulders :I

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