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Digital Bunker Report #4

5 10 years ago
Digital Bunker Report #4 Banner

Digital Bunker Report #4 has arrived on all terminals available to Toy Soldiers. Please stop trying to enter the Konami code on the reports, nothing happens. The Toy Soldier Map on the other hand….

Digital Bunker Report #4



  1. Tora Kat Mecnikai

    So… I shouldn’t have pulled those wires from the system?

  2. Orbital Sciences Director Gonzo, YJ

    *inhaled some of the green mist* Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee look at all the cute little gnomes! And lookie at all those beautiful colors!

  3. Tinker the YJ

    Oh Gods, I’m glad it’s the robots building those cutouts. I though it was one of my clones after this incident =>

    Also, is it just me, or is the bunker starting to look(and act) more and more like Warehouse 13?

  4. Chief Core

    haha sorry Dutch but my robots got fried and all they do is make these cut outs

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