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Spotlight on Toy Soldier Artist / Seamstress: YJ Caecilia Kolibri!

3 10 years ago
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This time we aim our Spotlight on YJ Caecilia Kolibri! She has always lived in San Diego, California. She is currently a henna tattoo artist/face painter at Belmont Park in Mission Beach, CA. Which is an amusement park at the beach! She is a soldier of many talents!

You have been with us for many years now Cae. When did you become a Toy Soldier?
I became a toy soldier in 2008. I was introduced by a friend in high school and I really got sucked in by all the awesome people that seemed to share my passion for creativity, activism, and fun!

What first got you into sewing/costume making? And what was your first project?
I was always interested in theater, and my favorite holiday has always been Halloween. Since I was a child, I would go through big plastic tubs of clothing and costumes and put together different
things. This interest in dressing up spilled over into my everyday wardrobe. My family supported everything I did and everything I wore, luckily. My mother even taught me to sew a little bit when I was about 10. By the time I was 13 I was sewing my own costumes for Comic-Con and Anime Expo.

You are a lady of many artistic talents what other things do you create?
I’ve been a singer and actress since I was young, going to singing lessons and taking part in productions such as Little Shop of Horrors and Guys & Dolls. I have always had an interest in drawing, which led to painting and other types of media. I also crochet!

What are you currently going to school for?
I am currently attending the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) for Visual Studio Arts. I was initially a German Studies major, and have received two Associates degrees with honors, one in German
Language, and another in Fine Arts and Humanities. After my first quarter as a German Studies major at this new institution, I realized that I needed to follow my passion for art, and thus changed my major.

What is your ultimate career goal in life?
I would love to have a boutique. I would love to have my own series of illustrated children’s books published, which I am working on. I would also love to go around to various Renaissance fairs, sell my wares. Also play and read stories to children as my character, Dawn the Faun.

So what fun projects are you working on right now?
I am currently in a performance art course, so all of my creative energy has been forced towards that. Just this week I crocheted myself into a body bag for a camera! Dang thing took me 7 hours straight!
I’ve also been selected by a good friend to create all of her belly dance outfits for her performances with a dance troupe she has been accepted to, Pink Boombox Revue. Above all however, I have been
working more and more on Dawn the Faun, and my main project has been a ball gown for her to wear to Labyrinth of Jareth and Myth Masque. I think it will be a lovely outfit for tea with Queen Elizabeth as well!

Do you have any words to inspire others who would like to be more creative?
Yes. Don’t worry if someone has done something before. The moment that you take an idea and run with it, you begin to develop your own concepts and the project develops into your own creation. Also, don’t
get so hung up about perfection. Sometimes it’s the mistakes that turn out to be the most beautiful!

Thank you for this interview Cae! It was great finding out more about you! We wish you all the luck in the world with your many talents! *Salutes*

Cae is also a part of the furry community called Furaffinity! She has some great drawings on her profile, if you would like to check out her page it’s right here!:)


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