Digital Bunker Report #3

5 7 years ago
Digital Bunker Report #3 Banner

Attention. Attention. I SAID ATTENTION! Thank you. Your weekly Digital Bunker Report is now available on all terminal screens. Please call our customer service robots if you find that your terminal screen has gone terminal. Thank you.

Digital Bunker Report #3



  1. Captain Dermut

    Yeah! Jello bath!

    *best Mortal Combat voice* FIGHT!

  2. Chief Kief the wacky.

    apparently not to the trespasser

  3. Chief Kief the wacky.

    Oh well limbs ain’t that important are they?

    • Insanity

      Of coarse they are Chief! Some/most of us would not be able to bulid and create without them and as a toysoldier you should be aware of that.

  4. Sgt. Voltor

    Those ovens are expensive! I do wish they’d be more careful…

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