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Digital Bunker Report #2

Digital Bunker Report #2 Banner
  1. Liam said on 13/02/2014

    I ended up reading this in Cave Johnson’s voice from Portal 2 X3 Also I am skilled in slaying zombies my Katana would agree if it’s vocalbox hadn’t been damaged in my last bout with zombies… working on getting that fixed, though the silence for once is nice.

  2. Shall I make a security system for the QRVE? It will be mostly harmless…I promise…just a few hundred joules…

  3. 1. Awesome!
    2. I kept picturing this info in the second part as part of the employee briefing on the tram ride at the beginning of Half-Life. :)
    3. Am I the only one that now wants a dedicated TS terminal unit on my desk so I can view these?
    4. Wait, was there a 4? No, no 4, carry on.

  4. So…. that’s where my Triops went….

  5. I’ll volunteer to help with the zombies down in 12B, I’ve been meaning to dust off my minigun.

  6. *reports to the vaccination session for a flu shot*

  7. Another report well done sir!

  8. So I’m currently working on a TSU related song but can’t think of lyrics for the bridge. Think I might use some samples from these weekly update spoken

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