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Digital Bunker Report #1

6 10 years ago
Digital Bunker Report #1 Banner

To help the Army of Toy Soldiers stay informed of the goings on inside the Digital Bunker, there will now be weekly reports available to all. Announcements about impending zombie eradication events, vaccinations, robot maintenance, tactical NERF training, and anything else that may occur within the confines of a facility that exists both in virtual space and reality. Digital Bunker Reports will be provided in both a visual and textual format.

Here is your first report:

Digital Bunker Report #1

You can expect your next Digital Bunker Report next monday.


  1. Sgt. Voltor

    The north tunnel on level #9 is where Voltor Enterprises is located. S.O.S. had NO BUSINESS in my workshop! I am not responsible for their mental health! >_>

  2. Chief Core

    Hmm think of the possibilities with all the Dutch cutouts.

  3. Captain Dermut

    Is the QRVE server system still of limits if we have to chase an Eldritch horror out of there that in the course of a hunt has fled in there or should we pack heavy winter gear if this happens?
    Just checking.

    Dermut (HPL member)

  4. Orbital Sciences Director Gonzo, YJ

    *burps up some fireballs after eating a brimstone hot-dog with vulcanic-grilled onion crisps*
    Tasty stuff :)

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