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Toy Soldier of the Week: George Miller Hoctor

7 10 years ago
George Miller Hoctor TSOTW Banner

George H

This weeks Toy Soldier of the Week is: George Miller Hoctor It’s no surprise he has been nominate for his work in putting together the “Toy Uprise Inside” compilation album. We have herd that many of our soldiers are enjoying this album, in which he has compiled together some remixes and original tracks. The compilation showcases the musical talents of many Toy Soldiers. You can check it out and download it for free from the front page blog.
We have also herd tale that he continues to work on music and is currently mastering a dubstep! Thank you Hoctor for taking the time to put this together for us all to enjoy and we anxiously await your next musical endeavor! *salutes*


  1. Linden Atrocity
  2. Mike Bigelow

    Bravo good sir! Bravo!

  3. George Miller Hoctor
  4. George Miller Hoctor

    This is Steve , the doctor’s robotic assistant. It would seem that he has…..fainted from pure shock.
    *I stand up* I’M OK!!!
    *I walk to the computer*
    I’d like to thank the wonderful soldiers who have nominated me for this title, I am truly excited that I have fulfilled my dream of being Toy Soldier of The Week. I will continue my work and will master the webs of dubstep.

    Thank you and TOY SOLDIERS UNITE!!!!!!
    *Salutes and passes out*

  5. Nurse Bunny Juju
  6. Trick
  7. Orbital Sciences Director Gonzo, YJ

    Congratulations @orion! *salute*

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