The Toy Uprise Inside Cover

The Toy Uprise Inside

Spending a great deal of time, Dr. Hoctor has assembled what he states his the ultimate compilation album as a soundtrack to ones ventures in world domination and associated pursuits.

Bringing together remixes and original tracks, the compilation showcases the musical talents of many Toy Soldiers, and may cause mild visions of giant robots piloted by members of our army, marching through cities, or thoughts on mind uploading, Alien Illuminati, baked goods that glow in the night, and NERF darts streaking past ones vision.

Included in this zip folder are songs and remixes by Marquis of Vaudeville, Neuron Dreamtime, Sky Marshall Jonny B. Goode, Private Donut and more.

To listen to this auditory delights, one need only click the zip folder here: The Toy Uprise Inside, (or right click and select ‘save as’) download and unzip the folder, and play with the media player of your own discernible choice. Before listening, we recommend removing any sharp objects from site, placing your foam dart pistol or weapon out of reach, and perhaps put some straps on the arm chair to prevent oneself from barreling out into public demanding cupcakes from unsuspecting passerby’s.