Gonzo's TSU Logo LED's

There once was a young man by the name of Gonzo, who joined the ranks of the Toy Soldier Army.SAM_0418

And one day he asked himself “What can I do for this Army? How can I help spread the word of making fun the top priority, and prepare for the Singularity?”

And then he made a light to shine brighter than a thousand suns and burn the TSU Logo into the retina’s of unwitting passerby’s, instantly brainwashing them and dazzling them with a shiny future.


Logo LED's

They’re available in the TSU Store right now! For $25 you can get these brilliant handmade LED board that come with battery holder for two AA batteries (Batteries not included). These are perfect for a cyberpunk uniform, or to mount on your bicycle, or part of any creative project really!

In fact, get one for Xmas and stick it on top of the tree! Who needs a star or an angel when you can have the smiling face of the Toy Soldier Army lighting up your home?