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New Feature for TSU – The Toy Soldier Map

4 10 years ago
Map of the Army of Toy Soldiers

After much toiling, testing, and having used a large amount of guinea pigs (their sacrifices will be remembered), the Digital Bunker has finally received a much wanted upgrade, once more courtesy of Engineer Airhead.

For years it’s been requested to have a visual way of seeing where Toy Soldiers and Division are in the world. And at last we can present to you a global map dotted with Toy Soldiers all around the world. You can now find the Toy Soldier Map in the Activity Menu.

The Toy Soldier Map!

All Toy Soldiers who have filled out the Location Field in their profile (with an actual location, not something like Mars, that place or something abstract) will show up on the map. If you do not wish to have your location made public, you can either change the location in your profile, or change the visibility to Admin only.

The Toy Soldier logo represent a Toy Soldiers location, and the yellow Regiment logo shows a division approximate location. Special Operations and Special Interest Divisions wont show because they are in fact based worldwide.
The radial icons with numbers represent the amount of Toy Soldiers in an overall area. Single digits for a region in blue, 10 to 99 in yellow, and above that in red.

We hope you find it useful, and of course if you find any bugs left over, please report them in the Bug Report thread on the forums where a codemonkey will take your notes, eat them, and then take an adjustable spanner to the map to fix it.


  1. Jade Valor

    DUDE!!!! THIS IS THE COOLEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!!! (wow i actually just said that…) this makes things alot easier to locate soldiers near me…..nope still not many… :D

  2. TheAtomicSoul

    Thank you Engineer Airhead!!

    This map really… REALLY shows just how expansive the TSU is!

    I’ve been in multiple fandoms, but I don’t think I’ve been part of of so connected!

    (I’ve also msg’ed the other soldiers in my area!)

  3. Orbital Sciences Director Gonzo, YJ
  4. Commander JET

    Thank you for all your work Engineer Airhead!!

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