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Mission Report: The #512-Waterratten pub meeting!

0 11 years ago
512 Waterratten Banner


Mission: Pub meeting
Division: #512 – Waterratten
Date: 12-10-2013
Location: Amersfoort & Hilversum, The Netherlands

The Soldiers of the Dutch division #512-Waterratten were getting a bit more active as of late. Which inspired Gonzo to set up a pub meeting, to have FUN and have a lot of shenanigans along the way.
Toy Soldier Mr. Kwibus would be the DJ for the night in Gonzo’s local metal cafe: Barracuda Cafe in Hilversum

Delina and Engineer Airhead arrived first, at Gonzo’s lair where they discussed the heading of the rest of the day and to have some fun, and eat candy.
It wasn’t long before the first NERF darts where flying across the room. Gonzo and Engineer Airhead soon found themselves in an all out war, not a dart was left unfired.

Together the soldiers watched the Dr. Steel propaganda DVD. And more fun was had. After a while Gonzo received an incoming transmission from 3dSniper, he was on his way. This gave Gonzo, Delina and Engineer Airhead some time to buy booze, food and more candy.
When 3dSniper had arrived there was more talking about Toy Soldiers; the Waterratten division, he shared some stories of past ventures with the Toy Soldier Army and it’s Soldiers.
More NERF darts where flying around from time to time. They drank some beers, smoked a cigar here and there.
The soldiers where having a great time. Sokamin joined in for some fun later and it wasn’t long before it was time to order dinner. After the feeding frenzy it was time to march towards the Barracuda Cafe in Hilversum, where some of the other Dutch soldiers where waiting for them to finally show up…

Luckily it’s only a short walk from Gonzo’s lair to the central station of Amersfoort.
It took only a short train ride to get to Hilversum, but fun none the less!

After the ATM was plundered, and Gonzo did the monkey dance, the soldiers marched single file towards the pub.
At the pub, Delina, Gonzo, Engineer Airhead and 3dSniper where greeted by Mr. Kwibus (the DJ) and Michel, another Toy Soldier and regular patron at the Barracuda Cafe.
Somewhat later soldier KitsukiKitsune also joined the party.
The golden liquid of the gods flowed in abundance, and much fun and shenanigans were had. Mr. Kwibus did his best to put as many Dr. Steel songs as possible in between the metal music, which worked out magnificently. Many a salute was given and cigars were smoked.


At about 01:00 the Soldiers decided it was time to return to Gonzo’s lair. After a final salute and goodbyes the soldiers Gonzo, Delina, Engineer Airhead and 3dSniper marched –ahem– stumbled back towards the station.


Toy Soldiers:
Engineer Airhead
Michel Rol
Mr. Kwibus

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