TinkerToy Facepainting
Time for another mission report from the field, this time from Madame TinkerToy and her facepainting shenanigans!
Greetings Comrades! Madame TinkerToy reporting on Operation Face Paint!
The event/fall fest wasn’t supposed to start until about ten, but being a good soldier I set out early in the morning to go help set up. There were jokes galore.
The paints provided were not what I expected (they were more like face crayons than face paint), but after testing them on my hand I found that they were perfectly fine. The event started up around 10:30 and eventually I began to get people coming get their faces painted.
all in all it was a fun event where many a face was painted, and when all was said and done at least 5 TSU smiles wandering about. Considering this was out of 20 faces, I can happily say I had put our mark on 1/4 of the people who came to see me.
in the end I was also able to get an inquiry about TSU.
Mission Successful!