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Mission Report: Street Clothes Week

1 11 years ago
Academy of Kempo Street Clothes Week

WE GOT A MISSION REPORT! The Incredible YJ Dark has been at it again, who’s talent for charitable, non-profit and community causes just keeps taking him from strength to strength, submitted this mission report to us recently!

To: TSU-HQ via
From: The Incredible Yellow Jacket Dark
Mission report: Street Clothes Week,
Location: Hamden
State/Providence: Connecticut
 Country: United States
Date: 20/ September / 2013
The Incredible YJ Dark, recently participated in a self defense drill where street clothes were worn in simulated defense situations to help identify any limitations the clothing may impose. Deciding to wear a variant of his soldier uniform for the drill, he found little limitations. One large consideration, was how the hat is worn, so as not to hinder vision of overhead attacks.
“The students from the Academy of Kempo in Hamden participated in “Street Clothes Week”. This is where the students wore their regular clothes to class. On one of the days during the week, it was recommended that the students wear their school clothes or their work clothes, and on the other day, they wear the clothes that they would normally hang out in. If the students came in on a third day, they were to choose a different style of clothes to wear.
The students were also asked to wear any of their normal accessories, such as book bags, pocket book, carry their books, etc.
This drill is designed to help our students be aware that their clothes and their accessories might restrict their movements. If that is the case, the best time to figure out what to do in that situation would be in a safe learning environment.”
For more information and pictures of the drill:

Academy of Kempo   Academy of Kempo  Academy of Kempo Academy of Kempo


  1. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    Well done Dark now, FINISH HIM!!

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