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New Feature: ID Card Generator!!

7 11 years ago
Toy Soldier Identification cards

IDs full 3

This exciting, new feature of our website is something we have wanted to get back for a long time!

Finally it’s here!!
The ID card Generator is an automated Passport ID and Wallet ID creator. Now you can create one for yourself and download it for printing. You can make the new Wallet ID which you can get laminated, keep it in your wallet or you could use it on your ID at a comic con. With the Passport ID you can get a passport wallet to show it off at gatherings and have other soldiers stamp/sign your passport booklet.
The link for this new feature will be under our “Propaganda” tab and you will be able to make new ones anytime you want! It is very simple to use.
It will automatically choose the icon of your regiment depending on what you have signed up for. It will also fill the name in you have signed up with. You will see fields that you can pick from menus or you may also leave them blank to write them in later. You will be able to upload any photo you like and crop it for the window area. Then it’s just download and print!

Thanks to Engineer Airhead we were able to achieve this new feature! He has been working with this addition for several weeks now with Sergeant Dutch and Myself. We are happy to finally be able to offer this to you and hope you will have fun with it! :D

~Commander JET


  1. AgentGengar

    This is GREAT! Seriously guys, this is amazing, creative, and not to mention clever!

  2. Nurse Bunny Juju

    Awesome. Love it. :-) *salutes*

  3. Geoff Nicholson

    Very Cool! Thanks for the good work (and prompt technical support)!

  4. Engineer Airhead

    whoop whoop whoop!!!

    Be sure to let me know when things gently break down or explode in your face…
    It should not happen… But I’m only human…

    Also… I overheard some of the hamsters talking about dangerous stuff…
    Hope they won’t start another rebellion over this…
    I gave them enough to eat foor a couple of days!

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