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Toy Soldier Of The Week: Commander JET

10 11 years ago
Commander JET TSOTW Banner

Commander 'Hottie' JET


The nominated Toy Soldier we draw our attention upon this week is Commander JET!

Commander JET has been nominated for her astounding execution of the Foam Defence Core Photo Competition, which saw a brilliant amount of entries. She’s personally taken care of the prizes, organized the votes, and made sure everything was run fairly.

She went even as far as to ensure that everyone that entered received a special parcel in the post, regardless of having won or not, to show her appreciation to everyone that participated.

So Commander JET,
We, the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!


  1. Jade Valor

    well jet congratulations!!!! *salutes*

  2. Cosmonaut Mir

    Congrats Commander! *salute*

  3. Captain Dermut
  4. Commander JET

    Thank you everyone! *salutes* This was fun! :D

  5. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo
  6. Rayen

    *salutes* Congratulations :D

  7. Silent Addle

    A well deserved recognition of her continual work.
    Commander Jet, I salute you. *salutes*

  8. Engineer Airhead

    *salutes* And I top my hat for you as well. You’re doing a great job for this community!

  9. Orbital Sciences Director Gonzo, YJ

    *salutes* Congratulations Commander JET!
    Thanks for the awesome FDC contest and for creating the wonderfull participation pack!

  10. Nurse Bunny Juju

    *salutes* Congrats and thanks for everything, JET. You rock. :-)

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