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Con(Trolled) Thought #1

3 11 years ago
Con(trolled) Thought TSU-TV Banner

Welcome Engineer Beard to TSU-TV with his show Con(Trolled) Thought, tackling and wrestling with your mind in strange manners.

(Warning: there may be some strong language)


  1. Spymaster General Danov Valravn

    Loved the video.
    As somebody who uses an assumed name for creative works I can get behind a lot of what you say. In my case I have to create a veneer of anonymity, portraying myself as two people, one creative and one professional, in order to preserve and protect my livelihood.
    Somewhat tempted to start scripting my own video during the 6 hours I’ll be stuck on trains today….

  2. Jade Valor

    hey nice vid, and its true what you say…and because its true be PLEASE be careful. i have known people in real life who are now gone because of the things they expressed. (it dident help he was a hacker.) but anywho this was definetly a good “make you think video!”


    [End Message]

  3. Captain Dermut

    Re: accountability on the internet:

    Re: distractions, I think you left out Twerking and innate celebrity gossip there…

    And did you just call a batman, the flash, superman and spiderman an bunch of tolls? Oh, just there identities. Sorry my bad.


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