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Toy Soldier of the week: Sergeant Dutch!!!

7 11 years ago
Sergeant Dutch TSOTW

This weeks Toy Soldier of the week is our very own Sergeant Dutch! He has been nominated by many soldiers for his excellent work on the armoury pages and a lot of the TSU pages in general. He is a fantastic admin to work with and I/we are very lucky to have him with us. He is always ready to help out any soldier with advice and action when he can. He deserves all the recognision we can heap on him as he spends a lot of his personal time helping build this Utopian Playland of ours!
A *huge salutes* to you my dearest Dutch! :D


  1. Nurse Gemenon
  2. Sergeant Grinner

    More like: “of the Decade”.

  3. N3RF-0us

    goeie zaak!
    hou mij en gonzo op de hoogte van je activiteiten: wij zullen van partij zijn waar mogelijk!

  4. Capitaine Moustache
  5. Orbital Sciences Director Gonzo, YJ
  6. The Matriarch

    As The Matriarch of Dutch, I could not be proude…. Well deserved.

  7. Captain Dermut

    Congratulations, it is so well deserved! After all you hard work, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.
    *Salutes, the full advanced Rimmer*

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