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MCM Expo Manchester Infiltration!

2 11 years ago
MCM Comic Con Manchester

Somewhat belated, mainly due to my own poor filing skills, here’s Danov Valravn’s mission report, doing his part to help spread word of the Army of Toy Soldiers at the MCM Expo in Manchester over July 2013!

Manchester MCM Expo

From: Chaplain Danov Valravn of TSUK
Contact: Chaplain Danov Valravn
Mission report: Manchester Comic-Con stall
Location: Manchester
Country: England
Date: 20/07/2013

Feeling that there is something of a dearth of Toy Soldiers in the frozen hinterlands North of the M25 and already having a traders stand at the event, I, Chaplain Danov Valravn, volunteered my space, time and efforts to the cause at this year’s MCM Comic-Con Manchester. Normally we do not work solo, but I was unaware of any other Soldiers who would be at the event. Hence I took it upon myself to do my bit for the cause.

The plan was simple. Alongside all of the Esotericon publicity flyers (which are just another part of my dream of a Utopian Playland) there would also be the double sided Toy Soldiers Unite Propaganda Poster, printed on card and stuck to the table as well as a decent quantity of Toy Soldier Manifestos. Using my operatic baritone voice, eccentric costume and complete absence of anything resembling shame, I would preach to the masses of the glory of the Utopian Playland and the noble cause of the Toy Soldiers. Since I was already a registered stall holder, MCM would have no legal recourse to stop me.

The day of reckoning came all too quickly. With my wife in tow, I proceeded to the designated spot, having procured a 25 litre water container along the way so my voice would remain in top condition throughout. It was at this point that the first hurdle was met: a lack of camera. Having left her camera at our safe house we were unable to get many decent pictures of ourselves performing the work. Sad tidings indeed, but all was not lost.

A picture was acquired from our friend Phil and hopefully more shall trickle through in good time. There were certainly many who wanted to photograph us in our unique garb. That minor wrinkle aside, the rest of the event was deemed successful. We already have one more new Toy Soldier in the form of The Commander, who has been exceedingly active in making contact on IRC and the forums.

I was also filmed by a gentleman who wanted a complete record of my Toy Soldiers and Utopian Playland pitch, going so far as to re-record the end of it to get a better close up of me entreating the viewer to enlist TODAY!

I passed him the manifesto and gave him instructions to pass the video on to yourselves should he edit it to his satisfaction and deem it worthy of inclusion in our propaganda archives.

For a first outing, MCM Comic-Con Manchester was a small success, balanced by minor catastrophe.

I hope that my efforts at London Comic-Con in October will be all the more effective in future. All the more so since I am in the process of designing and creating a Chaplain dress uniform in the hope of creating an identity for others like me who enjoy preaching to the masses of the noble cause of the Toy Soldiers and the glory of our Utopian Playland ideal.

Chaplain Danov Valravn



  1. Pvt Morglum

    sterling stuff soldiers!

  2. The Matriarch

    Marvellous work dear Chaplain, please give my greetings to your dear wife and thank her and your goodself on behalf of all Toy Soldiers for all the stirling work, although I am based in the east and health prevents me from attending such venues these days, I envy your ability to bring such fun to the masses. I look forward to seeing more photos from the event.
    Stand Forth Dear Chaplain and be counted!

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