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The Danger Element – Dieselpunk webseries

1 11 years ago
The Danger Element Poster

The Danger Element PosterJohn Soares, Cassie Meder and Doug Jones (of Hellboy, The Guild, and many other roles) star in this award winning web series in which a member of a secret order of crime fighters and his estranged sister take on the mob and a troubled scientist in pursuit of the stolen Danger Element, which they believe has the power to bring their father back from the dead.

Some of you may know of John Soares previous work, as the world dominating alien Agamemnon Tiberius Vacuum, as well as his role in the four part film Sockbaby, and the super-sentai inspired series ‘Go, Sukashi!’. (Seriously go watch Go, Sukashi. I don’t know why I didn’t catch that one earlier)

The Danger element has in fact been going since July 2009, and has only just reached episode 11 as found below, but it comes down to quality and resources. Even without all the resources of a major studio production, Soares has been able to hold and maintain cinematic quality with his series, and continues to do so.

There are only 2 episodes left in the series which will be coming out over the next several months, however Westhavenbrook and John could still do with all the help they can get, so share this page, share this video, subscribe, tell your friends, tell your loved ones, tell that annoying guy down the street. It’s worth it simply for the brilliant martial arts alone, but there’s also the beautiful costumes designed by Kato, the fantastic 1936 Auburn Speedster (with a very special feature), and so much more.


You can find the playlist for the entire series so far here.


  1. Capitaine Moustache

    Got to watch this, thanks for the info !

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