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San Diego Comic Con Invasion: Success!

5 11 years ago
San Diego Comic Con Invasion 2013

Message:B34R reporting in for a completed invason of the San Diego 2013 Comic Con

Mission report:
Comic Con
San Diego, California

On the eve of July 17 2013, we the california divison 1123 Fibinachi set out upon San Diego to invade one of the worlds largest conventions, Comic Con. Where we happend to have a booth all set up for us. Captain YJ Caecillia Kolibri, and newer soldier named Momo and myself arrived on day zero to prepair of the next few days of fun. We brought with us binders and boxes of propaganda to hand out.

The next day when the con was in full swing we started handing out flyers, busness cards, and talking to all the people about what is The Utopian Playland. We were joined later in the day by Dagrun Holt, Marquee Moon, Killian, who came to help with manning the booth, spreading joy and the great fun of our group. It also helped the booth that we had a soldier by the name of Shoewalking around in his own outfit called the Junk Yard Dog, which was made out of car parts. All in all we were a hit.

On the night of July 20th Cae and myself B34R decided to wait inline for 15 hours to go to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversery pannel. While inline we passed out cards to nearby line sitters who we talked to about TSU.

So by the end of the con we had passed out a fair few flyers and cards and made new friends, even met a few celebertys who will hopefully aid us in the attempt to take over this world with fun. We also made new contacts within a few different groups which should hopefully prove most fruitfull. So now after the con is said and with we return to our homes after a week of excitment and fun to relax and prepair for the next invasion to come.


  1. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    *salute* Great work soldiers!!

  2. Captain Helios Ruin

    Congratulations! *salute*

  3. Commander Radar

    Congratulations. I hope your invasion was as much fun as it looks!

  4. T.F.U. Lucas Usagi

    Congrats! Looks like it was lots of FUN!

  5. Commander JET

    Congrats on your Successful Invasion Soldiers!! *salutes* :D

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