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Toy Soldier(S) of the Week: Iron & Grimm

Brigadier Iron Davis & Lieutenant Grimm TSOTW


This weeks nominated Toy Soldiers is a rarity, as there are two. Brigadier ‘Iron’ Davis and Lieutenant Grimm. This mainly due to the fact they come as a package deal and it’d probably be wrong to split them up over two weeks.

They’ve been elected Toy Soldier(s) of the Week for their latest contribution to the Army of Toy Soldiers. An extremely large banner to be used during missions, invasions, and as you’ll see in the next article (tomorrow), a table cover as well.

The banner might’ve been on display at the previous MCM Expo, had logistics issues not arisen, however it will be seen hopefully during many Toy Soldier events and invasions in the United Kingdom.

Brigadier ‘Iron’ Davis, Lieutenant Grimm, We the Army Of Toy Soldiers salute you!

P.S. On a seperate note, Lieutenant Grimm has also just completely an amazing and daring challenge, by skydiving for charity! Dropping out of a plane at great heights and plummeting down to the rather solid ground below! By no means a small feat. Well done Lt.!

  1. Kraken said on 16/07/2013

    Good, good. Well deserved as ever!

  2. Congratulation to the both of you.
    *Double Salute!*

  3. *salutes* you both! ;)

  4. Minion said on 14/07/2013

    *Salutes* Well done!

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