Minion TSOTW

And no, we don’t mean one of Gru’s little yellow minions, though we’d love to get our hands on a few of them.


This weeks nominated Toy Soldier Of The Week is Minion!

Minion has been a busy little bee since joining the Army of Toy Soldiers, and has taken it upon himself to create some new propaganda designs.
With those new designs, he’s been busy recruiting new members into the Army, and alongside Panda, completed an invasion in Banbridge SRC Campus and the town, spreading propaganda far and wide and in sneaky places!

Minion is also working with Panda in organizing a camping trip for the I.R.E.L.A.N.D. Division so we’re really looking forward to mission reports from that adventure.

Minion! We the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!