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Toy Soldier Of The Week: Corporal Tink!

8 11 years ago
Corporal Tink TSOTW


This weeks nominated Toy Soldier is none other than Corporal Tink!

During the MCM Expo in London, this young lady came bounding along (literally, you should see those stilts she wears) to the table with the rest of the Devon Cream Tea’s Division, and then proceeded to blow us all out of the water with her AMAZING contributions.

First, we were confronted with a box. A large box. A huge and heavy box. Filled with the most delicious, the must sumptious, the most taste bud teasingly good mind control cookies the Army has ever had the pleasure of nomming away on. She gave them to us not only to keep us sustained over the three days of the Expo, but to hand out to any and all. Considering the MCM Expo has more than 70,000 people in attendance, nearly every single potential recruit that visited the Toy Soldier table was treated to one of these delicious cookies.

You’d think it’d stop there, wouldn’t you? You’d be wrong.
Corporal Tink then continued to amaze us by gifting Toy Soldiers featured in JDUK’s Pixel Pal artwork with their very own, home made, felt covered, Pixel Pal. I’ve got mine sitting on my desk, staring at me. I believe the correct term to use would be KAWAIIIIIIIIIII!

So, Corporal Tink, we can’t thank you enough for your amazing contribution and dedication.

We, The Army Of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!


  1. Captain Helios Ruin

    Congratulations! *salute*

  2. TheAtomicSoul
  3. Silent Addle
  4. jog

    those cookies good grief
    I kept wandering back over to the stall in hopes of securing more :3
    gratz on the award young lady ;D

  5. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    *salutes* Great work soldier

  6. Commander JET

    You Rock Tink! *salutes* :D

  7. Cosmonaut Mir

    Great work soldier!*salute*

  8. Corporal Tink

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