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Motor City ComicCon 2013: Success!

4 11 years ago
Motor City Comic Con 2013 Banner

On Saturday, May 18th a few of our Toy Soldiers attended the Motor City ComicCon in Novi Michigan!
They got there just as the doors opened. With attendance of over 18,000 they were told they may have to wait up to 4 hours to get in. (Stan Lee was there that day)
Distracted by a bunch of Stormtroopers from the 501 Legion, the front of the line had a break in it. Seeing this as an opportunity..Commander Jet, Cosmonaut Mir and TS FreeHugs walked right in like they owned the place. ;)
Once inside they walked over to the media guests, began posing for photos and handing out propaganda to everyone! TS Free hugs was stopped by many because he had a great Umbrella Corporation Cosplay outfit and they all wanted to get a photo with him. A few recognized the Toy Solider outfits and wanted photos as well. This was a great attention getter and gave them even more opportunity to brainwash the masses!
They walked around and had a lot of fun and got some really cool toys while they were there.
Over all it was a fantastic day and a big win for Toy Soldiers!
They look forward to having more soldiers join in the fun next year! *salutes*


  1. Cosmonaut Mir

    You must indeed!! ^^ :D

  2. Minion

    That looks like fun, I must come along next year! *Salutes*

  3. vicky_fgm

    Looks epic! Glad you all had a good time!

  4. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    *salutes* Freakin awesome!!!

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