Professor Jimmy Blue YJ

About five years ago I was lucky enough to get a friend request from an amazing guy on myspace. He said: “You don’t know me but, I see we have a lot in common and I am looking for friends.” When I took a look at his page I instantly knew we would be! We talked everyday about all the things we loved like music, movies and toys. At the same time I was heading out to California to join my fellow soldiers for our Toy Soldier Day at Disneyland. I urged him to join us and meet us there telling him all about us and how he would get a chance to meet others who he would have things in common with and share fun times. While he was a bit reserved and shy about it he promised to show up. When he did he walked up to the crowd and joined right in with the hugging and handshaking. He was instantly one of us! Everyone who got to meet Jimmy that day enjoyed his company and wanted more!

From that point on Jimmy’s love for Toy Soldiers grew tremendously. He quickly began making propaganda for the next invasion and joining in the planning. He made gifts for other soldiers who went to the events as well as propaganda to hand out. He joined everyone as often as he could and made many new friendships. He once led the art division and the toy division, always wanting to help make the world more fun. He has done many caricatures of his fellow Toy Soldiers and spent time making sure each one was special. When any special occasion came up such as birthdays he would made sure to make something special for that as well. He was just like that. He never asked for anything in return. Jimmy was humbled the day he received his Yellow Jacket award and greatly appreciated the acknowledgement. Anything he ever got from us from a “you rock Jimmy” to tsotw he was overjoyed by. Just knowing someone noticed and had a smile for him was all he ever wanted.

Jimmy cherished his friends greatly. He was the kind of person everyone would want as a friend. He was the ultimate sweetheart, he cared if you were sad and he would be there to cheer you up. He would also be there to pat you on the back if you had achieved any accomplishment with the greatest enthusiasm. Jimmy was always himself and when he had something to say or an opinion to voice he wouldn’t hold back, we all loved that about him. He was an amazing artist who overflowed with creativity with an infectious sense of humor. And anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him would agree.

Unfortunately Jimmy has had to live a lot of his life in poor health. Strong as Jimmy’s heart was it was not strong enough to survive this fatal tragedy. He suffered a heart attack as well as a brain aneurysm late Thursday evening. He left this world at the age of 39.

He left behind a loving mother, father, two adoring sisters and a niece and nephew he was very close to and he loved very much. He also left behind many soldiers who loved him very much. We are all extremely devastated by this. Our hearts are with his family and we hope they know how much he touched our lives. If you can give to his family’s donation site (even if it’s a small donation) please do. Every bit helps. Donate Here

He had planned on attending this years annual Doo Dah parade in Pasadena. Now his wonderful sister Valerie is planning on attending the event in his place. Jimmy would want us to march on! He would tell us you’ve got to live as much as you can. Love as much as you can and make the world better for everyone.

Although this is a sad time for us all. I do hope that our fellow soldiers will learn to hold life and friendships more preciously. Cherish your friends every chance you have because at anytime it could end and it never feels like enough time…

A final *salute* to you Professor Jimmy Blue. <3 Please feel free to share your thoughts and memories of Jimmy in the comments below.  photo JimmyCollagedone_zpsb47fcf29.jpg

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