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Globetrotting Missions!

5 11 years ago
Jem Nightshade Globetrotting Missions

It’s that time again when we bring you the latest mission reports from the Army of Toy Soldiers, venturing forth into an ugly world to bring a bit of happiness and fun to the masses.

First off, we received this report from Jem Nightshade:

Mission Report: Propaganda at my college campus

Thursday, 2/21/13 I set out to plaster propaganda all around my college. I wore my uniform and had manifestos on hand in case anyone wanted more information. I printed 16 pages of leaflets (4/page) and 8 pages of propaganda strips (4/page). I stapled them to all sides of 4 outdoor kiosks, and 2 bulletin boards, one by the library and one in the cafeteria. I will check back to see if anyone has torn off any of the strips. Photos from the mission have been posted in my album. I think it was quite effective in spreading the word about TSU and I hope the fliers will attract some new recruits!

Yours faithfully,
Jem Nightshade

The big red light buzzed and we received another mission report, this time from Corporal Tink!

From: Corporal Tink

First of all I sent my first care package XD … I wanted to do it anonymously but everyone I know knows I’m a Toy Soldier … So I shipped it off to my local animal rescue centre … Where my dog came from … Coz let’s face it it’s not fun walking dogs in the rain and snow … and it certainly isn’t fun sitting in a box waiting for a new family ¦( … My package included:
Tea and Coffee … to warm up after a soggy, cold or icy walk
Biscuits … To dunk in the previous beverage of choice
Fleece blankets x4 … So the animals can dream of a fun new home, and toys ¦3
Cat food, raw hides, rabbit treats … an army marches on its stomach
TOYS! … Coz that’s what we’re about ^^

Again I spread business cards by popping them in random places.
Various trains, 22 cards
Table of business cards at college, 15 cards

Then I ran out of business cards! So i printed out 15 Bookmarks and left them in my college library in books about Games ¦)

I’ll be back! XP … Corporal Tink

We thought it especially brilliant of Cpl. Tink to be thinking of the animals that have no home. She really has a huge heart.
And with that, we got a short mission report from Jem Nightshade, including Dr. Twitch

Here are some pics from the invasion we did at our mall on Toy Soldier Day!
Dr.Twitch and Nightshade
We’d like to thank all the Toy Soldiers who continue to submit mission reports, demonstrating and informing us all that our mission of making over the world is progressing steadily. Keep up the good work! And if you have a mission report, please do send it via the Contact Us page, or if you have a lot of pictures and/or video to include, email it to


  1. YJ Grimm

    That is absolutely stonking, I love all of these!

  2. The Disgraced Dark

    Grand work soldiers!

  3. Commander Radar

    It’s great to hear such good reports.


  4. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo
  5. Jade Valor

    wooo! good work soldiers!


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